In a world where we are constantly confronted with sex we hardly talk honestly about the real thing. Sex education as we all know is either close to non-existent or failing terribly. Young people watch hardcore pornography before even having exchanged their first kiss, getting their sex ed from a sexual fantasy world that has little or nothing to do with reality. Adults are being influenced by these images as well, which often leads to unrealistic (s)expectations, performance pressure, sexual insecurity and unsatisfying to negative experiences all together. With make love not porn Cindy Gallop, the icon of the feminist sex tech world, has started a countermovement that got everyone talking about it: the social sex revolution.

make love not porn


Whilst dating younger men, Gallop witnessed the impact of excessive mainstream porn consumption on their sexual behaviour first hand. She knew she could not be the only one having these experiences. So as a little project on the side she put up a website called MakeLoveNotPorn. A platform for socially acceptable and shareable “real world sex”. As long as adult content is ethical and based on mutual consent, Gallop is not against pornography at all. “Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference” is one of her most famous slogans. Since has been online, Gallop has received countless messages from people wanting to share their intimate experiences with her. To her it became obvious there is a huge need to talk about the reality of sex, which is exactly what Gallop wants to accomplish with her website. Hence the word social sex revolution.

MakeLoveNotPorn is not an amateur porn platform. As Gallop explains on the website, the label ‘amateur’ suggests only professional performers do it “right” and we all know – or should know – we can do it pretty awesomely right ourselves! is a platform ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people who believe that the sex we have in our everyday life is the hottest sex there is.’ No performing, but genuine, beautiful, silly, messy, consensual human sex for all genders and sexual orientations.

We’re in the market of human happiness. I want to accelerate the eradication of shame.

How does MakeLoveNotPorn work:

It’s easy: you sign up for free and enjoy free peeks into the #realworldsex videos people from all over the world are sharing. If you desire to see the whole video, you can rent it for a fix price of 5 US Dollars and have three weeks of unlimited viewing pleasure. Half of the renting price goes directly to the #makelovenotpornstar. The other half is used to fund and build out You can also become a #makelovenotpornstar yourself and submit a #realworldsex video of your own! There are five rules your video has to comply with and you have to pay a 5 US Dollars submission fee. After the video has been reviewed and approved by Madam Curator aka Sarah Beall, it will be published together with all new submissions in the next edition.

What we really like about MakeLoveNotPorn

– apart from its philosophy and aspiration – are its straight forward looks. Their witty and very sexpositive approach, plus the fact that people are encouraged to write something about their submissions as well. It makes sex personal, interesting, informative and sexy all at once. One thing you have to keep in mind, though, is that they are still in beta. Therefore a bug or two may pop up. Tech, like sex, can be a bit messy as well ;).

We do quote directly from this wonderful update video:

Watch this short video on what MakeLoveNotPorn is all about and why you should join the Social Sex Revolution. We quote directly from this wonderful update video. Cindy Gallop, CEO and Founder of MakeLoveNotPorn:
“MakeLoveNotPorn is the world’s first and only human-curated, user-generated, social sex video sharing platform. We are pioneering a whole new category on the internet that has never previously existed: social sex. We’re kind of what Facebook would be if Facebook allowed you to socially, sexually, self-express. We call ourselves the Social Sex Revolution. The revolutionary part is not the sex, it’s the social. MakeLoveNotPorn showcases and celebrates the amazing sex that we all have every day in the real world. Which is far hotter and far more arousing, fare more surprising, more innovative and more fantastic than porn will ever be.”

Cristina Pitter, MakeLoveNotPornstar: “You can upload it, you can take it down the next day. You can do whatever you want.“ – „We’re all about socially sharing the realworld sex that we all have in our lives every day. Which is funny, messy, beautiful, comical, awkward, ridiculous, glorious, human.“ – Cindy Gallop „I think everyone should upload videos to MakeLoveNotPorn!“


Very good! Go on now and join the social sex revolution!