With good sex, the world gets a little bit better and shopping sex articles should be fun! These are the main premises at Fuck Yeah, the feminist sex shop in Hamburg.

Fuck Yeah Sexshopkollektiv


With good sex, the world gets a little bit better and shopping sex articles should be fun! These are the main premises at Fuck Yeah, the feminist sex shop. And by the way, the collective that has been running the shop since July 2018 is about reflecting classic gender roles, body and sexual ideals, and throwing them overboard when things are going really well. And what can only be found in Hamburg: Fuck Yeah is the first feminist sex shop with football stadium advertising for the legendary FC St.Pauli.

The district St. Pauli is still a pretty exciting place with many clubs, bars and pubs, at least in the little rest that has not yet been gentrified. In addition to the large brothels, there are also the small whore houses on Herbertstraße. Music and night clubs as well as pubs from “Die Ritze” to “Silbersack” and right in the neighborhood opens the latest “Fine Dining”. Although innumerable (gender) variants of sexwork are present and there is pretty much everything to see and to buy that is reasonably legal in the sex and sexwork business, ancient stereotypical role models dominate in the displays of the sex shops on the hot mile, the Reeperbahn.

Sex positive people of all genders don’t feel invited to rummage around for sex toys in a room, where blister packs are hanging around in neon light, the super cheap sex dolls and „willing grottoes“ stink of nasty plasticizers and special offer dildos made of material that are made in the production of children’s toys have long been banned. This is no joy and it is certainly not stimulating.

Fuck Yeah!

Shopping sex articles should be fun! We wish for that and luckily it works in the feminist sex-positive Fuck Yeah Sexshop. The wonderful Fuck Yeah Crew has put a lot of effort into it. They have a deliberate selection of sex toys, safe sex, menstrual and personal care products, pornography, books and magazines, films, art and music, and much more sexy stuff.

All genders and preferences and identities can feel good here. All varieties of consensual sex are respected here. Together with your lovers, friends & family, shopping and trying out is fun here. All items are safe and not toxic to your body, some are vegan, fair trade and organic. There is something from all price ranges. Here you can browse in peace and quiet, touch the sex toys, get advice and exchange ideas. With its feminist approach, the Fuck Yeah Crew offers an attractive and relaxed alternative to the usual sex shops.

Fuck Yeah also offers workshops and training courses on changing topics. A popular workshop is the crafting of DIY sex toys and BDSM gear such as floggers and ureas from recycled bicycle tubes. Previous knowledge is not required. In the meantime, they also offer individual workshops for groups / festivals / conferences etc. on request. If you are interested, just write an e-mail to info@fuckyeah.shop

On the occasion of the Corona virus precautionary measures, there is the Fuck Yeah Dildo courier with the bike in the vicinity of the shop. For those * who are unfortunately not in Hamburg to visit this uniquely relaxed sex-positive shop, Fuck Yeah is also available online.

With this in mind: Fuck Yeah Feminism!


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