Sorry, there is no fucking here. We know it’s naughty, but hey, we just wanted to spice up the FAQs a little bit. So here are our FUCKs. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you may dare to send us a message. We’ll try to be nice and answer you as quickly as we feel like it 😉.


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Do I have to pay to become a NAUGHTY MEMBER?
No. Becoming a NAUGHTY MEMBER costs nothing. Well, maybe just your soul…

What are the advantages of being a NAUGHTY MEMBER?
For one, we will like you so much more!
Secondly, you get all the news hot off the press!
Thirdly, you can comment on our website! Please read Naughty But Nice regarding our rules of communication first.
And last but certainly not least, you will regularly receive special promo codes and other naughty stuff we can come up with!
Sounds sexy, right?

Can I trust you NOT to give my name or mail address to third parties?
100%, scout’s honour! We have no interest in doing that whatsoever.

Are you being paid to write about these producers?
No. We are a tiny bunch of sex-positive erotica lovers who want the world to know what cool and alternative pornography is out there. Therefore WE carefully select who we want to feature here on NAUGHTY&SPICE. All texts are based on our own research and opinions.

Just out of curiosity: what does ‘sex-positive’ mean?
Glad you asked! We like the definition of sex-positive by the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) best:
“The term “sex positive” can be interpreted in different ways. For most, it involves having positive attitudes about sex and feeling comfortable with one’s own sexual identity and with the sexual behaviors of others. “
Wikipedia has a good one too:
“Sex positivity is “an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, encouraging sexual pleasure and experimentation.”

Okay, you have convinced me! Where do I sign up?
Finally! Just click right here!

I don’t want to be a NAUGHTY MEMBER anymore. What do I need to do?
Simply send us a short message saying you are done being naughty. An explanation as to why would be greatly appreciated, but we’ll have no hard feelings when you want a clean break. We will be sorry to see you leave, though 😞.

I think I have no more questions…
Then… what are you waiting for? Go on and be all naughty!