If you are interested in well-made hardcore BDSM films, your online search will undoubtably lead you to a bunch of tacky websites and videos that will quickly kill the desire to look any further. In the late nineties KINK.COM among others was one of the few hardcore and well-filmed BDSM websites available. In our opinion it still is the best in its genre. Until recently the visual impression of the platform was cause for an intern discussion if we should recommend the website on NAUGHTY & SPICE or not. Fortunately the look & feel of the website has improved quite a lot. With that said our kinky team member was willing to make a selection for you to help you get to the really hot stuff asap. Rather nice of him, or?


In 1996 founder and ceo of KINK.COM, Peter Acworth, moved from England to the USA and launched Cybernet Entertainment with the unbelievable classic in 1997. For those of you who do not know the term: ‘hogtie’ has its origins in livestock farming and is a much-loved BDSM practice of binding a naked person’s limbs together in such a fashion the body is being bent, then punishing or satisfying her or him – depending on how you perceive pain and pleasure.
Three years after launching, a platform focussing on having fun with fucking machines, followed. Twenty years later, KINK.COM with its five main channels, 35 sub channels and about 100.000 members has gained a very good position in the world of kink adult entertainment. KINK.COM concerns itself mainly with all variations of BDSM. Still, the website is not called ‘kink’ for nothing and therefore also offers other fetishes and sexual preferences such as foot fetish and wrestling. Everyone who likes it a bit – or a lot more – rough will most certainly get their money’s worth.

The films all have a similar sequence. They start with images of the breathtaking and somewhat eerie San Francisco Armory, acquired by Acworth in 2006 and until the beginning of 2017 the setting for about 100 KINK shootings per month. After that follows an interview in which the performers present themselves, explain what they would like to do and what turns them on. After the session there is again an interview in which the performers tell you how it was and confide what had turned them on the most. All videos are of very high quality and show professional filming skills. The pre- and post-interviews add to the experience, especially because the viewer understands that nothing happens without mutual consent.

Apart from hetero videos KINK.COM provides more than enough content for a variety of sexual orientations (gay, lesbian, transgender). Gang-bangs, male doms, femdoms, both men and women in submissive roles, there is hardly anything that you’ll won’t find on KINK.COM. But be warned: some movies are really rough and every now and then real tears will flow.

As said above the five main channels have between two and eleven sub channels. We have made the following selection for you: BDSM-Channel:

  • HOGTIED → like we said, it’s a classic!
  • WATERBONDAGE → as the name suggests, you can enjoy watching bondage sessions and orgasms in and under water
  • STRUGGLINGBABES → a more softer channel that is quite suitable for a first peek into this erotic genre


  • FUCKINGMACHINES → also a classic, no explanation needed
  • ANIMATED KINK → for lovers of animated films


  • MEN IN PAIN → on this channel the women are in control – now that we like
  • FOOT WORSHIP → for lovers of foot fetish, both m/f and f/f


  • TS SEDUCTION → hardcore channel


  • 30 MINUTES OF TORMENT → 30 minutes of hardcore m/m suffering
  • BOUND GODS → a more soft gay BDSM variation


You can have a one year membership for only $26,67 per month, which gives you access to all channels!