If you have registered here on NAUGHTY&SPICE you have gained the privilege to write comments underneath our recommendations. However, we may be called NAUGHTY&SPICE; when it comes to communication we’d like to keep things all SUGAR&NICE! If your comment does not appear on the website, it means we were not convinced of your good intentions and gave it the hose.

So how can we avoid non-consensual unpleasantness:

  • Sticks and Stones…
    You may know the rhyme, but we don’t think it’s true. So here we do not allow any cursing or usage of other foul, sexist or racist language.
  • The Pen is mightier than the Sword
    We are all for freedom of speech. Still, be constructive and sensitive to other people’s feelings.
  • Smelly Links and Contact Details
    Comments with links to questionable websites or contact details (personal or otherwise) will be mercilessly deleted.
  • Persistent Offenders get the Hose
    If you repeatedly ignore our rules of communication, not only will your comments get the hose, so will you. This means we will have to go rather medieval and remove you from the NAUGHTY MEMBER list permanently.

Let’s simply keep it NAUGHTY BUT NICE, okay?